Struggling To Build Consistent Revenue For Your Agency?

We help you scale without running yourself ragged.

Trying To Get Your Marketing Agency Off The Ground Can Be Complicated & Exhausting.

Stop Overthinking & Start Doing.

We understand the unique issues faced by marketing agencies and are dedicated to helping you improve and scale.
You don’t have time to figure all of this out on your own. You can’t keep doing all of the work and expect to grow your revenue and increase your enjoyment of life!
Unlock lasting growth for your agency. Reach your goals faster with clear strategies and systems for growing your business.

Scale With The Leading White Label Platform For Agencies.

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Unlock Your Agency’s True Potential.

Agency Consultations.

What services do you want to offer? How will you fulfill those services? Janice Christopher is no stranger to marketing. She knows how to listen to clients, identify their needs, and develop a strategy to help them WIN. Get your agency moving by learning from the best with an agency consultation.

Agency Templates & Resources.

Set yourself up for success with our proven systems and templates to provide excellent customer service, streamline your processes, and protect you from before the first prospect meeting to client onboarding and beyond. The Bulletproof System is handcrafted by Janice Christopher with agencies and client success in mind.

Agency Marketing & Advertising.

We provide comprehensive marketing services for marketing agencies, including campaign creation and management, on-site and technical SEO work, reputation and listings management, and more to help you get found online and maintain a trustworthy status. Quickly scale your agency and stack your client list by allowing Janice to optimize your campaigns to drive impressions, click-throughs, and conversions!

Agency Sales Trainings.

How do you tell the story of what your agency does and why? Learn how to present clients with a package of services that makes sense and will return revenue to them. With decades of experience, Janice Christopher offers sales training to help you transform how you sell, prepare you to close sales, and grow your business. Scale with the leading white label agency fulfillment platform.

Watch The Bulletproof Webinar Series.

The Conquer Local webinars that started it all, starring the Queen Bee herself.

It’s Time to Reach New Heights.

Struggling to Get Your Agency Off the Ground?

Janice Christopher is highly experienced in the industry, with over 30 years of experience working with and learning from the greats and her own hands-on experiences. She is knowledgeable of the complex nature of operating a successful marketing agency, as well as the strategies necessary to ensure growth.
Our goal is to provide your agency with the support you need to reach your business objectives and excel in your markets.

You Deserve an Agency That Understands.

You deserve to dominate your local market or excel in your niche market. We offer resources, consulting services, marketing services, and sales training so you can focus on growing your agency with tried-and-true methods- sans the tireless research and countless hours of refining and optimizing your processes.
Janice Christopher and her team have extensive knowledge in a variety of fields, from marketing and advertising to graphic design to financial planning and beyond, that enable us to provide you with the guidance you need to take your agency to the next level. Get custom-tailored solutions relevant to your needs, and reap the benefits for years to come.
You love helping local businesses grow. Let’s get you out there in a professional way so you can do that!

You Deserve an Agency That Understands.

How it Works.

Step 1: Browse Our Agency Store.

Our Bulletproof Agency store contains a range of products and services designed to streamline your processes, from agency consultation services to pre-made templates and questionnaires. Browse our store today to find resources for your agency!

Step 2: Book Your Agency Consultation.

Our agency consultation service is available through our agency store, which contains all the necessary resources to level up your business and beyond! Book your agency consultation now and get ready for your one-on-one with the Queen Bee herself.

Step 3: Refine Your Strategy & Grow With Us.

From improving customer acquisition to developing innovative marketing plans, let us guide you on your journey to success. Refine your strategy and grow with us. Get ready to accelerate your agency today!

Make Your Agency Bulletproof.

Let’s Get Started.

Be Consistent in Your Sales, Fulfillment & Services.

As an experienced marketing agency, we understand the challenges that other agencies face in creating successful strategies. With our focus on customer acquisition and innovative marketing plans, we can provide you with the expertise needed to develop a strategy that is more efficient and cost-effective.
Our team of experts has the knowledge and skill set to understand your goals and objectives, and work with you to develop a comprehensive plan tailored to your needs.
With us as your guide, you can rest assured that you are taking the right steps towards achieving success. Let us help you discover the best solutions and tactics while you focus on what matters most: growing your agency!
Our Work.

Meet Our Happy Clients.

Owner of VSmith Media, LLC.

Victoria Smith.

“I watched the 4 part series from Janice and it was great. I incorporated things that she suggested and I have closed a $5K project with a new client.

I created a great client intake form to streamline paperwork like she suggested and it was so much easier than compiling a bunch of stuff manually.

Thanks Janice.”

Owner of Rapture Creative.

Eric Anderson.

“In just two short months since our first consultation. l’ve been able to offload nearly 60 hours a month of work to new team members, developed more efficient processes and utilized branded docs that the JCM Agency created for me to provide a professional experience with my clients from proposal to close and duration of contract. I highly recommend The Janice Christopher Marketing Agency to not only potential clients due to her vast knowledge and experience, but also to the new agency owners that are looking to grow their brand.”

Owner of BlueWing Local Marketing.

Peter Thompson.

“Janice is an inspiration… I own a marketing agency in Johannesburg, SA. I just had a consultation with Janice to help me design even better marketing strategies for my clients here. She is a wealth of knowledge, and really cares about helping her clients grow their revenue through digital marketing.”

Founder of PureWhite Media.

Calvin White Jr.

“Janice is an inspiration. I consulted with Janice to help design marketing strategies for my clients. She has a wealth of knowledge and cares about helping her clients grow their revenue through digital marketing.”

You Deserve to Succeed & Scale Your Marketing Agency.

Bulletproof Your Agency.

We believe that our expertise and experience can provide you with the goal-oriented solutions you need to give you the competitive edge and take your strategies to the next level.

We believe that our expertise and experience can provide you with the goal-oriented solutions you need to give you the competitive edge and take your strategies to the next level.

We invite you to come join us on this journey and experience what sets us apart from other agencies: our commitment to providing comprehensive, customized solutions designed specifically with your goals in mind. Contact us today!

Scale With The Leading White Label Platform For Agencies.

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